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              Goldensea Chemicals Co., Limited

              Product name : Polyisobutylene
              Item : 10
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              Goldensea Chemicals medium molecular weight polyisobutylene has both food grade and industrial grade. Capacity of medium molecular weight polyisobutylene production line is 10,000MT/annual.

              Goldensea Chemicals low molecular weight polyisobutylene has both highly reactive and conventional grade of polyisobutylene. Capacity of low molecular weight polyisobutylene production line is 20,000MT/annual.

              Typical properties: 
              Transparent, yellowish, semi-solid, odorless, non-toxic. Polyisobutylene is used for butyl sealants and adhesives, providing strong adhesion and flexibility, as well as an excellent barrier to moisture and gas, making finished products more energy-efficient and durable.


              Major Applications:
              1. Hot melt butyl sealants/Insulating glass sealants/double glazing sealants/Primary sealants.
              2. Butyl sealing tapes.
              3. Pressure sensitive adhesive.
              4. Lubricant greases.
              5. Armourred cables.
              6. Wax and bitumen modifiers.
              7. Rubber modifiers.
              8. Electric insulations.
              9. PVC sealants.

               For detailed technical specification sheet and material safety data sheet, please contact our sales area manager respectively.

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